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Vegan heart cookies made by Kristin Kolnacki for Peacefood Café in NYC Listen to the Pod...So you’re a vegan looking for love—and maybe you’ve found it. I’m now happily partnered with a wonderful person who lives an almost-entirely plant-based existence, (entirely vegan at home, mostly-vegan everywhere else).This combination seemed obvious, given how often these two flavors (matcha red bean paste) are combined in various desserts.Sometimes, the most obvious flavor combinations are the best.

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One patty makes the ideal accompaniment to chips, in a bun with some salad and tomato sauce.

I usually eat one with a heap of veggies-a healthier option for those who are losing weight or calorie conscious.

There is a reason these two are always together: they truly serve each other well.

For some reason, the sweet red bean paste made the matcha less bitter, and the earthy matcha made the beans taste even sweeter.

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