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I would rather garden than go to your television or radio studio where your host will probably be rude to me. Unless your organisation is super-worthy-IMO and is advocating for, say, Aboriginal land rights, homelessness, asylum seekers resources or smashing the state DO NOT ASK ME TO WORK FOR NO MONEY DO NOT ASK ME TO WORK FOR NO MONEY. Unless you have money for me, I will not provide free content to your television or radio program. Unless I have a book to flog, I would much rather stay home. I would much rather stay home and garden than go to the rotten airport. And I don’t drive because I can’t fucking see so there had better be a cab. if you're not prepared to show the great in your page [SURPRISED] me please not really bother getting in touch with me!

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I know you mass electronic media outlets don’t pay people but whatevs. And do not suppose a plane ticket to Sydney is sufficient payment, either. Going to Sydney is not exciting for me but a pain in my arse.

Especially please do not ask me to do things for no money or shit momey AND COVER MY OWN TRAVEL EXPENSES. And yes, how nice that a Member of Parliament, lobbyist or full-time employed eminent charity worker agreed to your terms of NO MONEY.

Just because you are a “women’s organisation” I will not provide a free keynote address.

Apart from being rude to dicks who ask me to do things for no money or too little money, I write books.

i desire to have my very own modelling agency.[BR]I really like a myriad of music especially alicia secrets Hello my title ishayley I am 21 happening 22 by January26, I am a single girl with free sex chat no payments of great characteristics together with defects but who is not ?

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