Vmware consolidating disks


Figure 5 As soon as the consolidation process has finished, it is time to delete the remaining snapshot(s).

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A larger and slightly more pressing concern that arose (due to the size and amount of delta disks being held) meant the underlying datastore had blown it’s capacity, taking a number of VMs offline.The presented resolution is to create a temporary folder, move the .CTK files to the newly created folder and try to consolidate the snapshots.So, how do we identify a) the locked file, b) the source of the lock, and c) resolve the locked vmdks and consolidate the disks?As a first step, we’ll need to check the to try and identify what is happening during the above tasks.We are specifically interested in the ‘RO Owner’, which (in the below example) shows both the lock itself and the MAC address of the offending ESXi host (in this example, ending ‘f’).

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