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Erotica (2000 - 3000 views), sexy and even X-rated 32.

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Kaede Akamatsu (赤松 楓 Akamatsu Kaede) is the main protagonist of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and a participant in the New Killing School Life.

She has the title of Ultimate Pianist (超高校級の「ピアニスト」 chō kōkō kyū no “Pianisuto” Super High School Level Pianist).

The lead male protagonist of the story, and class 2A student.

Part of the fake backstories created for the students was the Gopher Plan, which supposedly happened before the killing game started.

Kaede and fifteen other high school students were chosen to participate.

Not wanting to abandon their loved ones, they attempted to escape from the plan.

You can use the arrow keys to control Mario left and right. There are some monsters which will bit you, and you must pay attention to them.

The special of this game is you can press the spacebar when you jumping, in this case, Mario can jump much higher, even reach the white cloud!

Now a second-year student in high school, Junichi is wary of love because of his past and dislikes celebrating Christmas.

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