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we send each other on chatting apps would make money back in Rome, Italy. The problem is that it generates so many of them in such a short time that it leaves me completely exhausted. Another thing I also noticed recently about the idea porn is that if I sleep on an idea, I will find it as a totally bullshit idea as soon as I wake up the next morning. I catch a word or a phrase in a sentence my friends just say and I get lost. Before I go purchase a domain name and secure social media handles, I realise my poor friend has been talking for half an hour now and I haven’t even listened to a single word of what he said.January 14: spreading hooch from the tour looks like a slut January 14: Sansanee with dildo up her pussy January 14: Sweet Japan Yui Natsuki giving deep blowjob January 14: Cute girl Jewel showing pussy January 14: insanely hot beat teen goes topless January 14: Condom trickery and expat sperm for Thai teen Mope in Pattay...January 14: girls get nuts on holiday January 14: Naked Thai Mari Ya creaming her body January 14: sweet nurse does some loving outside of hospital January 14: chubby brunette girlfriend poses naked not shy of her plump ...

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Within few minutes, I can’t even remember those stupid stickers anymore. From subscription boxes to: I found the best idea ever: A subscription service startup that people sign up for /month and the service sends them a box full of random “Made in Italy” products every month. So now, whenever I catch myself thinking of an idea during the day, I already know that I am bullshitting and I will hate the idea next morning.

, when it first arrived, was praised and critiqued as a kind of millennial ethnography, a reaction encouraged by the realistic tone of the very early series, long since abandoned.

Horvath was taken to be a thinly disguised, lost version of Dunham herself—an ambitious but directionless Oberlin graduate with artistic aspirations kicking around Greenpoint on her parents’ dime, having complicated sex and waiting for life to happen.

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