Are maksim chmerkovskiy and karina smirnoff dating extrem dating com


And based on each of their Twitter updats over the last few days, Karina initiated the split.

For the last few days she's been tweeting happily about progress with her new partner Aaron Carter, and three weeks ago she tweeted about how she and Maks were disagreeing over decorating their home. OMG, yesterday, Maks tweeted, "What was meant to be a 'life long book', turned into a 'chapter' that 'chapter' is finished......

It got kind of loud.” Backstage at the Lipton Green Vitali Tea gift lounge, questions about the breakup were off-limits, but Karina said she couldn’t be happier with their dance routine…

When Hollywood asked the duo if they were dating at the opening of Hollywood nightclub Drai’s on March 17, Maksim, 30, coyly answered, “Maybe! And now that Karina, 32, has left the show (allegedly because of her ex!

) – Maksim doesn’t even need to worry about things getting awkward on-set!

"And [Maks and Meryl] were able to do that." competitor Charlie White, offered a similar explanation.

"You know, Meryl and I got [those rumors] a lot coming out of the Olympics, because what you create artistically is something that people want to believe," he told Us, noting Chmerkovskiy's "amazing talent" for choreography.

” adding, “I try and channel all of her energy, sex appeal, and pizzazz.” Sex appeal, eh?

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