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The Meyers are also very involved in Quarter Horses, antiques and early United States postage stamps. Toiuletine, Bennett Pieters & Co, Benton's Pine Tree Tar Troches, Brown's Vegetable Oriental Hair Renewer, cigar, Civil War, Corning & Tappan, Dalley's Galvanic Horse Salve, Dr.

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Proprietary stamps paid tax duties on goods like alcohol and tobacco, and were also used for various services, while Documentary stamps paid duties on legal documents, mortgage deeds, stocks and a fair number of other legal dealings.

Proprietary and Documentary stamps often bore these respective designations, while in several of the issues they shared the same designs, sometimes with minor variations.

They are issued by governments, national and local, and by official bodies of various kinds.

They take many forms and may be gummed and ungummed, perforated or imperforate, printed or embossed, and of any size.

For the first twelve years George Washington was the only subject featured on U. revenue stamps, when in 1875 an allegorical figure of Liberty finally appeared.In many countries, they are as detailed in their design as much as banknotes; they are often made from the same type of paper.The high value of many revenue stamps means that they may contain security devices to prevent counterfeiting.After the war ended however, revenue stamps and the taxes they represented still continued.Revenue stamps served to pay tax duties on items that came under two main categories, Proprietary and Documentary.All 100 Proof liquor ("Bottled in Bond") bottled in the USA contains the season and year the liquor was distilled and the season and year the liquor was bottled. Effective September 1, 1977 the "LESS THAN 1/2 PINT" phrase was removed from the ends of the Federal Tax seal strips when the government went to the metric system of measure. 1935-1936 decals were 7/8" square 1-1/2‘ White with Orange state replica shown on tax stamp. 1948 wine mini's had 5/8" x 1 1/8" Red decal stamp with the state in light Red; the state seal is in the upper middle; and "STATE of ILLINOIS" across the top with "1/2 PINT SERIES D" printed in a Red & White circle at the bottom. In 1936 & 1937 decal stamps were Green with Black printing.

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