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With the latest advances, having clear vision at only one distance is no longer the only option.

" -David"They did an incredible job from start to finish. " -Elizabeth"Completely satisfied with service, engagement photo's and can't wait for wedding shots.(This whole area, in fact, is arguably one of the prettiest pieces of geography in Ontario - on the water, or on land.)Part of the 30,000 Islands region (considered the world's largest freshwater archipelaago, and home to more than 100 "at-risk" species of plants and animals), Parry Sound is also the home of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve - one of the only 13 used UNESCO sites in Canada.Take a tour of the 30,000 Islands on a sighseeing cruise ...Every moment throughout our wedding was captured from beginning to end.The photographers were patient and really made sure that our photos were effortless and that we had fun with it. This is the Wiki page associated to the our paper Fitting occupancy models with E-SURGE: hidden Markov modelling of presence-absence data published in 2014 in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

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