Ming dao and chen qiao en dating

The other female lead, the famed Consort Yu (虞姬), has yet to be cast, but Yu Zheng has revealed that it’s going to be quite a big name.

Rumors are floating around that model-actress Lin Chi Ling is interested in the role, which is apt since she has experience already playing the beautiful wife of a powerful general in the movie . I am curious in a morbid way to see what story Yu Zheng is going to rip off next for his mashup idol historical, and how the hell Ming Dao can convince me he is one of the most powerful conquerors in Chinese history.

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At an event yesterday, Joe Chen said, “He and I are friends who no longer interact or stay in-touch.” Joe Chen revealed last August that she and her boyfriend of 4 years have broken up.After filming completed, their relationship seemed to have cooled off much to everyone’s surprise. When asked about the state of her love life, Joe Chen said, “I’m single.” She added, “(Roy Chiu is) A friend who is not in contact.Joe Chen wrote a blog entry on February 11th saying, “I think, (I can) leave now, and not to come back anymore... Don’t link me and him together anymore.” She stressed that they are only friends who got along during filming.The band's music can be heard in the Prince turns to Frog OST and The Magicians of Love OST.Their debut album was released on August 7 2006 which featured 10 songs including their first hit One Umbrella. I usually don’t watch chinese shows since my chinese isn’t great so I need the subtitles but yups decided to give this show a try!

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