Nginx stalled cache updating

Default values for system properties, where applicable, are specified in the tables below.On this page: Defines the largest single attachment the system will allow.To the user, all the time they were offline, the app continued to work, so they “got stuff done”, and your app just did its job, by collecting changes and updating the server as soon as it could.While Service Workers cannot directly interact with the code can do that based on the messages you receive back from a Service Worker.A good rule to follow when tuning is to change one setting at a time, and set it back to the default value if the change does not improve performance.

For most use cases, default NGINX and Linux settings work well, but achieving optimal performance sometimes requires a bit of tuning.

A Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) server implements the web server side of the WSGI interface for running Python web applications.

A traditional web server does not understand or have any way to run Python applications.

A basic understanding of the NGINX architecture and configuration concepts is assumed.

This post does not attempt to duplicate the NGINX documentation, but provides an overview of the various options and links to the relevant documentation.

There are settings that we recommend you change only if you have a deep understanding of NGINX and Linux, or as directed by our Support or Professional Services teams, and we don’t cover those here.

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