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From the beginning we had default Blogger "B" icon as the favicon for our blogger hosted blogs but as more people wished to have their own different favicon on their blog, Blogger launched a new feature using which you could upload your own Favicon file from the Layout tab in your Blogger Dashboard.This was a great upgrade for Blogger users, as we could now upload our own Favicon file on the the same domain.

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Turns out, Blogger included a timeout mechanism within the template itself to ensure a fast loading speed when your blog is rendered.

Favicon has different behaviors in different browsers.

And most browser needs the icon to be on the same domain as the blog.

And importing my posts from Blogger to Jekyll was easy, but making them look nice, and redirecting from Blogger to Git Hub pages without losing SEO rank was painful.

In short, just like every ground-up rewrite, it took much longer than I expected. Just as a programmer should prefer building on top of existing, battle-tested, and (preferably) open source libraries instead of reinventing the wheel, a designer should prefer using existing, battle-tested, and (preferably) open source designs instead of coming up with something from scratch.

Learning Jekyll and Git Hub Pages was easy, but the fact that Git Hub Pages only supports a few Jekyll plugins was painful.

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