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And I just thought our community needs to know." Ronald Richard Harries, then 31, was convicted on Aug.

8, 1981, of shooting Rhonda Greene, then 18, point-blank in the face during a Jan. District Court Judge John Nixon’s 1984 stay of Harries’ execution and ordered that he be resentenced.

A Lexington woman and a Clarksville, Tenn., man were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Louisville on a single count of sex trafficking a 15-year-old girl. Bradshaw, also known as Crystal Thurman, 41, and Ralph W.

Goodwin, 65, could face 10 years to life in prison and a 0,000 fine if convicted.

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When it happened, it was such a shocking thing for the community. It's like I've been reading a book for 36 years and finally I've finished reading this book.

After two days, Goodwin took the girl to his home in Tennessee.

Eventually, the girl contacted a friend on Goodwin's computer.

The friend contacted the girl's mother, which resulted in the Montgomery County, Tenn., sheriff's office finding the girl at Goodwin's Clarksville home.

UPDATE: After this story was published, the Tennessee Department of Corrections contacted the Times-News with this additional information: "Unfortunately, Ms. But Rhonda's family only recently learned of Harries' death, and their first news of his passing didn't come from the correctional system or victims' advocates in the local district attorney's office, Rhonda's sister, Lisa Greene Harless, told the Times-News.

Counties with longer turnaround times than the average: none reported currently.

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