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And when love comes totally unexpectedly, Kenya's dilemma is with the barriers that exist within society when she falls for a white guy. This is the second time you have worked with Alfre Woodard, where she has played your mother. Did you reconnect with her prior to shooting the film and did you talk to her about the racial subject since she is married to a white man. Alfre has been in an interracial relationship for years and she said that you just have to be strong within yourself and I think that's the journey that Kenya takes, of getting to that strength. We've always talked about working together so I was really thrilled that he agreed to do this. Kenya has that list, that IBM, that Ideal Black Man, and Blair's character, Mark, was that. Outside of the urban films that you have done, there's "Alien V. Just recently, Fox executive Tom Rothman was heard stating that the studio has a script for a new film and the 2007 would be a release date. If they don't want me, they can hire somebody else, so we shall see.

In speaking with, Lathan talks about interracial romance, working with the cast, a first time filmmaker, and if she will come back to the sequel to "AVP". SL: The thing I love about this movie is that if you think about it, there hasn't been interracial relationship movies that deal with this from a black woman's perspective. The other thing about it is that it's usually the couple against the world; or the couple against the family. He's handsome, he's educated, he has nice teeth, and he makes money. When she experienced him, she realized that she didn't feel anything, and that was crushing.

By Wilson Morales The last time we saw Sanaa Lathan on the big screen, she was fighting monsters of all sorts in "AVP: Alien Vs. That was certainly a 360 turn from the films she had done previously, which basically were romantic and dramatic films such as "Out of Time" with Denzel Washington, "Out of Time" with Taye Diggs, and "Disappearing Acts" with Wesley Snipes. When you work with good actors, it makes your job a bit easier. I was really nervous about who they were going to cast. SL: I'm working on developing a movie with Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Sometime last year, Lathan found time to lend her voice to the animated film, "The Golden Blaze", which also featured the voice of Blair Underwood. I guess we had chemistry because all those scenes were really easy to do and I'm just happy it was him. Did you have an input as far as casting your male lead? They were guys who were capable of doing the role and kinda hot within Hollywood and Simon and I supposedly had the best chemistry. I got to spend five months in Prague, which on one hand was great and the other hand is hard to be so far away from your family and friends. All of the crew was English and German and they treated me like a princess, but it was hard work.

"Kenya has all these characteristics she needs to have in her mate, but the person she ends up meeting doesn't fit a lot of that criteria," Lathan said.

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