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If none of these are available I have provided an email contact, if known.I have also provided a local phone number if availale."Sometimes good people do bad things," Kolego told the judge.

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Early Bird Registration: For May 2017 Training, Early Bird Registration is open until May 10th, 2017. The listing also does not include temporary classes or functions that are not intended to be ongoing.I have provided a link to the local group's web site if it has one; otherwise, I provide a link to the parent organization's website, or in some cases another site which has information about the group.The purpose of this listing, however, is not to "advertise" for businesses or for-profit organizations, so no such organizations are listed.The requirement to have to pay membership dues, though, does not exclude an organization from inclusion herein.Annual attendance is approximately 45,000, The event moved to its current location in Veneta, about 13 miles west of Eugene, for the fall fair in October, 1970, after having had a May Fair the same year on Crow Road, about halfway between Eugene and Veneta.

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