Custom textbox validating user input in

The code presented below would then be used for letting the user change their password.Instead of as this lets the browser (and the user) know that the contents of that field need to be secured.

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In this example I use simple class named Input Box with static method Show (to be similar to Message Box. It has overloaded static method Show which takes following paramaters: a dialog title, a prompt text, a default value and optionally a validation delegate.

This is a call for implementations; the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group requests that initial implementations be submitted by 16 December 2016.

The Working Group targets 13 January 2017 to complete the testing process and produce the implementation report.

It returns a Dialog Result to detect wheather the OK or the Cancel button has been clicked.

The value can be obtained from the input/output parameter value.

One annoying task that most every developer has had to face in the past is form validation.

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