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Update: On October 24, Kane was sentenced to ten to twenty-three months in prison (plus eight months of probation) for leaking grand-jury secrets and then lying under oath about having done so.Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy of the Montgomery County Court House said, "This case is about ego—the ego of a politician consumed with her image from day one," WTAE reports."We're putting this on your computer because the information is important," he said bluntly. Kane had run for office as a tough-as-nails outsider who wanted to shake up the male-dominated world of Pennsylvania politics."But I recommend that you not look at these."Kane thought. All that was on there were old emails that had been sent and received by members of the attorney general's office before Kane occupied it. She wasn't some wilting flower; she'd seen dead bodies and worked rape cases, and she prided herself on not being treated like the girl in the room. Hardcore, objects-stuck-in-a-woman's-every-orifice porn. She earned a staggering three million votes in the 2012 general election—more than even President Obama managed to attract in the state that year—and was the first woman and first Democrat to become state attorney general since the position was made an elected office in 1980. She was also a political newcomer, having never held elected office or been in charge of an operation as large and politically volatile as the attorney general's office.

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