Threesome chatbot


The bot aims to help people “impress that feminist in your life” by providing these empowering pick-up lines.You simply find the Feminist Wingbot on Facebook and send it a message to begin. I’m getting lost in your eyes and i don’t believe that women are bad at directions.” Be careful asking too many questions, the chatbot only has a few prepared lines for you, and will re-direct you when it gets confused. A Facebook chatbot is offering hapless men the words to charm any feisty feminist without causing offense.Just like a wingman, the Feminist Wingbot feeds you great chat-up lines to woo a date.‘People need to actually go out there and vote.’ (In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, here’s more on the situation with Trump in the US.) And if, like us, you’ve been overwhelmed by fear mongering, false facts, lies-by-omission and unverified memes during this campaign, the bot makes a nice change.Each point it makes is backed up with a little graph. So play on the bot here, read our guide to the pros and cons of the EU here – and then (the important bit) register to vote here.Multiply that by a few more years and some technological leaps and bounds, and it’s not hard to imagine that the humans in are even more inured to sex and violence than we are today.

‘But among young people there’s a worrying difference between their opinions on Europe and the likelihood of them actually voting – loads of polls have shown you still have the option of sleeping with one of the many sex robots after they go to sleep, or would you have to choose to purchase the sex robot option when booking your trip?We never see anyone exchanging currency with the hosts in the park, so it seems like the robots are programmed not to ask the hosts to pay for anything. Westworld is organized so that the more “adult” content happens furthest from the center of the park. has been set up by journalist Peter Yeung and his developer friend Alvin O.It feels sort of like you’re texting a mate (at least, one who’s really, really into the EU).People use them to order film tickets, pay for meals – and even send each other gifts – and ‘bots’ are already widely used in Asia.

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