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A lengthy Philly Mag article from 2007 notes that although there were seven official victims in his Philadelphia case, and several others came forward with similar allegations, Marsalis ultimately only was convicted of two sexual assaults.

Per that piece: Despite the fact that they determined her allegations to be credible, her story wasn’t one of those presented during Jeffrey Marsalis’s second rape trial last June, which ended, after nearly four weeks of testimony, with him convicted of just two counts of sexual assault.

Jeffrey Marsalis made national headlines in 2009 after his second sexual assault conviction.

He first stood trial in 2006 accused by 10 women of sexual assault.

His first book, Smart Parenting for African-Americans: Helping Your Kids Thrive in a Difficult World has been lauded as being "necessary for raising African-American children in today's society." (Black Issues Book Review). Jeff was host of the Health Network's popular cable television program, Ask The Family Therapist, a two-hour, live call-in show.

Many of his viewers still remember the day a distraught Vietnam veteran (a nurse) called in to say that she was packing a loaded rifle and heading for her local mall because of the voices in her head. Jeff, host of Hit It, the popular call-in radio show about black relationships, covers this war 24/7, both on the air and in his four psychotherapy clinics.

After all, dentistry was not digital or virtual 20 years ago!

None of the Philadelphia women went to the police right away, trying to convince themselves instead that nothing happened.

It wasn’t until the police began investigating one of Marsalis’ ex-girlfriends who reported being date-raped that the women came forward with their stories – all of which were eerily similar: a bar, a blackout, and a confusing morning.

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Upon completion of his doctorate in philosophy and psychology at George Washington University, Dr.

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