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It's worth noting that while the Dolphin works with Nintendo's first-party shop, it's still not officially given Nintendo's blessing.There's still a little rigmarole in setting up the Dolphin, but there's some handy guides out there to get you started.But you and your enemies move so fast that even the best-planned encounters - the ones where you've lurked outside a door for half a minute and plotted everyone's downfall - often fall apart because you aren't Neo from The Matrix. Actually, maybe it all works because once you get into a rhythm with it, you try different things.But it's not frustrating; it's amazing slapstick fun. The game doesn't really lean on you to do this; it gives you a rating at the end of each level, which can be polite or savage, and the Steam Achievements are all things like "kill two guys by throwing one brick".Maybe it's the fact that I love super-violent top-down action games, because Hotline Miami is an immaculate super-violent top-down action game. Or maybe it's because the controls and difficulty are so unforgiving that nine times out of ten you get killed instead, at which point you tap 'R' to restart the floor of the building you're on.

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Levi, Josh’s younger brother, stands nearby wearing his trademark jean jacket.“One of the things you come up against is the pervasiveness of it all,” he yells over the 747-calibre volume of a diesel generator.Signs warn us of potential hydrogen sulfide (H2S) threats, tell us not to smoke, and indicate that beyond the line is private property.I've been trying to figure out what it is about Hotline Miami that really works on me, because something clearly does.Something made me play through it all in one go, which took about two hours, and then go into the kitchen for a glass of water, return to my desk, and play through it all over again.Or we can choose to play as a trenchcoat Rambo by paying for tougher armour and a clutch of explosive rockets that fire like hail from his arms.

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