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(1995)Jerk of All Trades: Dim-witted ‘Fashionable Male’ mall-store manager Shannon Hamilton, boyfriend of (Shannen Doherty) and nemesis to Brodie (Jason Lee).

Typical Boorish-Boyfriend Behavior: Frames Eddie Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) for burglary, repeatedly tries to attack him. ”Comeuppance: Dumped, and then pushed out a window, where he falls to his death.

While he may not be , this time played by Rafe Spall. In the movies, we also hate them, but applaud their fearless performances. Prime Put-Down: “I want you to beg.”Comeuppance: Dumped, and humiliated at his own house party when school tough guy Duncan (Elias Koteas) and gang show up to “wipe the floor with his ass.”" data-reactid="52" (1987)Jerk of All Trades: Hardy Jenns, the rich, Corvette-driving ex-boyfriend of Amanda (Leah Thompson).

Here are the 10 best actors who have been their best while being the worst boyfriends. Typical Boorish-Boyfriend Behavior: Refers to his girlfriend as “his property,” cheats on her, and then arranges a whole house party just so he can beat up Keith (Eric Stoltz).

"Girls will go see it and boyfriends will come and won't want to throw up in their own mouths." The Toronto-shot rom-com sees Radcliffe play a medical school dropout cynical about love who falls for a sweet, "banter-y" woman (Kazan) at a party.

After their instant connection and evening full of chatting, he is disheartened to discover that she is already in a long-term relationship.

Actually, I'm lying a bit about the sequence of events.

His film career continued throughout the eighties and the nineties in productions like the Chuck Connors drama "Summer Camp Nightmare" (1987), the horror film "Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge" (1989) with Kari Whitman and "Vegas Vice" (1994) with Shannon Tweed.This year, Kazan's involvement in our Valentine's Day viewing was considerably more accidental.After I flamed out in an attempt to borrow romantic movies from the library -- I interpreted Anna Karenina as an appropriate choice, and am embarrassed I don't know more about the story -- I turned to good old i Tunes as an option.In the tradition of classic posts like "Father's Days with Richard Linklater," The Audient proudly presents "Valentine's Days with Zoe Kazan." We hope you enjoy it.I don't know if it's her heart-shaped face or what, but we have spent each of our last two Valentine's Days with Zoe Kazan. It’s become a standard trope in the movies, but it’s one that any “nice guy” will agree rings true. Typical Boorish-Boyfriend Behavior: Cheats on Nicole with a caterer in a bathroom at a kid’s birthday party. (1987)Jerk of All Trades: Hardy Jenns, the rich, Corvette-driving ex-boyfriend of Amanda (Leah Thompson).

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