Photographer evildating

Dermatologists from the University of Texas have undertaken a quick a stocktake of skin and hair problems among the top ten Hollywood villains and heroes, as cataloged in the American Film Institute 100 Greatest Heroes and Villains List.

The bad guy in movies is more likely to have a skin condition, reports a new study, and it could be contributing to prejudice in the real world.

She also knows that her grandparents don’t believe in evolution.

She was completely aghast when she first found out.

Hundreds of cemetery photographs from graveyards all over the world. Northstar Gallery - Fine art photography and photos of cemeteries and memorial art; interesting articles and links.

Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols - This great website explores the meaning of cemetery symbols and other graveyard mysteries from religious iconography to secret societies.

ANK-zine - The "Gallery" section presents photos taken at various cemeteries in Belarus, Lithuania, and Europe.

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