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As a paid up member (subscriptions are gratifyingly low-cost) you could also create a personal list of members you are contacting first., Pen Pals Planet has allowed us to simulate above right the search box for an American singles personals search.Blog posting and commenting – Blog posting has been one of the most helpful ways of increasing the traffic on your site for the past few years.

From the early days it had as its brief the mission of seeking out the best dating & pen pals services and offering them to its visitors.

Under the forum header, see the links that include Profile. ), or link in from Photobucket, or Gravatar if you'd rather. Personal, Settings, and Privacy are the ones you want to check: • Personal is where you change your e-mail and password!

but looking on the far right, see the Edit Profile button:• To add your favorite avatar, either upload an image (no bigget than 150px square, it will be sized to fit!

All you would have to do is select whether you are a man or woman and who you are looking for, then select your state and click the button.

If live this would take you directly to listings of available American singles.

Creating a dating site means a lot of work to be done.

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