Whats the relevance of constantly updating ones skill

Also here’s why ISPs need to do a Unless there is a local internet outage in your neighborhood, or there’s an apparent problem with your line connection or cable/DSL modem, your ISP probably will be no help on diagnosing and fixing your problem.They won’t help you investigate other avenues beyond the narrow scope of what they’re selling you.Unfortunately, wifi has many potential points of failure — most of which are unfamiliar territory to the typical consumer. After all, self-improvement is necessary to getting ahead at work.This week I lost about two full working days because my broadband went out.My internet service provider (ISP), Comcast, was unable to get it working or even steer me in a useful direction, despite keeping me on the phone for hours and running lots of tests of the connection between their equipment and my equipment.

Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they still can't see and understand a web page the same way a human can.

Students experienced rows of houses, commuters, strip malls, eating establishments, churches and parks.

The students were better able to apply the knowledge of their classroom activities to the field trip and could easily determine the differences between each type of community.

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