Updating mplayer eee pc


You might have to install the libnss3-dev package if you use Firefox 3 to prevent error messages about some missing libraries.

My EEE is of course Ubuntu powered now, so I have not tried this on the default Xandros installation as yet.

rootdelay=10 Works best with usb devices or as a frugal install.

Connect Wirelessly (wicd) The first time it is run The Wicd Network Manager pops up with wired network as default, click on Add, a pop up box with Enter Profile name comes up, in Profile Name enter wireless-- Enter your wireless interface (eth0,ath0,wlan0,etc), if you only connect wirelessly, remove the interface from the wired.

The essential-to-functionality programs all depend on KDM and KDE libraries.

I don’t have a huge problem with mixing QT and GTK, but when my hard drive is only 4 GB, having double the libraries takes up almost double the space. When you load up Xandros, you’ll notice that the software available for installation is pretty much what comes on the Eee PC by default and little else.

I understand some people have done some experimental fast-booting projects for other distros, but all of them have huge disclaimers about them being experimental for a reason. At first glance, simple mode (the one with the tabs and huge icons) looks good or at least easy to use for beginners. The difference between Network and Wireless Networks isn’t readily apparent (Network is for frequently used connections you want remembered; Wireless Networks is for ad hoc connections).

I've just been playing with a release candidate of Flash Player 10 on my Asus EEE PC and am very happy with the results. ______________________ The Asus Eee PC 701 4G is one of the earliest Eee PC.Lubuntu is a lightweight Linux operating system based on Ubuntu but using the LXDE desktop environment (no, it’s not related). You just need to use the alternate distro, not the desktop or the server flavors (with the alternate , i.e.If my most-used applications are on two separate tabs, that’s kind of annoying.And if I have to click to a separate tab every time I want to see my favorites, that’s also annoying. If you’re a Gnome fan or generally favor GTK applications, there’s only so much you can strip down the KDE libraries and QT dependencies in the Eee Xandros.Peppermint is excited to announce the launch of our latest operating system Peppermint Six.

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