Trey parker is dating

would be lost on younger viewers, such as the references to other material, political satire, and lampooning of various famous figures.

Entitled 'Where My Country Gone,' the episode openly ridiculed the then-presidential hopeful by mocking his proposed immigration policies before showing the character being brutally raped to death.

Television has seen few explosions of bad language, atrocious taste or scalpel-sharp satire to compare to South Park.

While The Simpsons has been more politely putting America under the microscope, these chronicles of four eight-year-olds in a fictional mountain town have always taken the coarsest route to the jugular, sparing nothing and no one, yet somehow keeping a sound moral compass.

Babe is like more of a not contrarian answer, but just an interesting answer for someone from South Park!

" We'll get to Parker's choice in a moment, but wurst things first.

They're the creative minds behind Tony award-winning stage musical The Book of Mormon.

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