Alan sakai dating psychos


She’s on cloud nine, discussing her wedding plans for October 9 this year. Last June 15, the 26-year old actor left for the States to pursue his studies and get away from all the “intrigues” surrounding him here. and then, you know what, I’m very proud of my brother, because no matter how many times he’s been trampled on, stepped on, he’s never spoken anything [bad] about anybody.”A LOOKBACK. But right after the “pregnancy” news erupted, things began turning sour. While Patrick admitted that he and Jen would have small fights, he couldn’t understand why, instead of fixing things between them, his ex-girlfriend announced them on national TV.

But in the course of the conversation, Cheska brought up one topic that has been unsettling her family for four months now: The issues confronting Patrick Garcia.“My brother is a good guy,” Cheska said. You know, it’s not even class…I mean, each person can have class that they claim to have, but you know what, we are not like that.”She continued, “My brother decided to be a businessman, is that gonna break him? And most of these intrigues have to do with his relationship with Jennylyn Mercado, the mother of his first baby,. The hubbub has been going on for four months now, but what exactly caused it? He said, “If ever we’re going to fight, and she’s going to leak it out to people, especially if the story is not true—kumbaga, she’s just pushing me away.”For her part, Jen said in the same interview with YES!

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