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The following SWR Institute volunteers are available to mentor you through the Training Validation Program process: Submission The Validated Training Course must include certain minimum standards to be considered.These minimum standards are listed on the Validated Training Program Registration Form and the Training Program Agreement.The intent of the program is to develop training resources for installers that will ultimately benefit specifiers, contractors, manufacturers, and end-users of sealant, waterproofing and restoration specialties.It is felt that specifiers, contractors, manufacturers and other end-users will feel more comfortable in using installers that have completed installation training as outlined in SWR Institute’s Validated Training Program.Review SWR Institute Validation Committee will review the submission for compliance with the Validated Training Program requirements and approve or return the program to the applicant.Monitoring If the training program is validated, the company must provide a monitor or proctor to be present during the training to insure that the training complies with the guidelines of the Validated Training Program Agreement.

The proposed Validated Training Program shall be submitted to SWR Institute with all of the components including a printed course outline, training manual, list of video, audio or printed references, resumes of training staff, copies of the written examinations, and a list of proposed monitors/ proctors that will be available to review the program to insure that the program follows the course outline.

Today, most youth development organizations recognize the importance of a child having a caring responsible adult in their lives.

For children who come from less than ideal circumstances, mentoring can be a critical ingredient towards positive youth outcomes.

Our experienced professionals, with a vast knowledge of Compliance and Pharmaceutical Plant Operations, can support you from the conceptual phase of your laboratory project through to its final implementation.

An effective cleaning process is essential in every food business to help prevent food hazards.

Duration: 2 hours Award: Certificate of Competency CEU: 0.2 CEURequirements: A stable internet connection that is capable of streaming video and audio, a webcam and microphone.

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