Demi lovato and joe jonas dating confirmed 2016


Ex-Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas has spoken out about his past romances by explaining his short relationship with Demi Lovato.According to Jonas, he stayed with Lovato to help her deal with a developing drug problem.Everybody gasped, and the girl just started bleeding."Related: Joe Jonas' Candid Interview Reveals The Pressures Of Being A Disney Kid Jonas then stated that: "That's when her team and her family told her, 'You need to go into rehab.' I remember being in South America, and fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that we kicked her off the 2010 tour, and they just hated on us for it." Lovato went to rehab to deal with both her drug addiction and depression issues, and has been sober since then.Related: So THAT'S Why The Jonas Brothers Canceled The Tour Jonas also talked about his failed relationship with 'Twilight' star Ashley Greene, who he dated for a year, ending in 2011.Katy Perry Sports Bold Bleached-Eyebrow Look With Stunning Gown at Met Gala 2016The account started using foul and racist language in tweets, along with the hashtag "#Hackers Gonna Hack."The account was quickly taken back over and the hacker messages were erased without any mention of what happened.Last week was not a good one for Hollywood's hottest couples.

I couldn't express any of that, of course, because I had a brand to protect. Things kept building up, and Demi ended up punching a girl in the face on a plane, because she thought the girl was blaming her for something.

So, they’ve found great support with one another and they lean on each other creatively. Joe also commented on being the subject of “Gonna Get Caught” from when they were dating.

“I was oblivious to that until I was asked to step out of a songwriting session or two, then it started to be a little clearer what this was about.

The world wept when Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up. They are really great friends which they'll continue to be but the romance sort of died."We're starting to think no Hollywood couple is immune to the platonic love bug.

Then, Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama split after SIX YEARS together. Still, it's awesome that Demi and Wilmer remain close friends.

He explained the relationship, saying: "One relationship that meant a lot to fans was the one I had with Demi Lovato, who I've known for years.

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