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There's separate entry and admission to castle and garden, but combination tickets are available and it's hard to see anyone wanting to miss either on a visit to Alnwick. Now is a particularly good time to visit: not only is the cherry blossom in full swing, but you can join one of their summer adventures climbing the trees of the Woodland Walk or sampling their new and ambitious ‘Garden of Fairy Tales’ – designed to attract more families and enhance the magical nature of the gardens.

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Due to its pink colour, delightful fragrance and many seeds, quince was considered the food of love and today the vitamin-packed fruit is thought to be good for you.

One of the world's largest treehouses, complete with walkways and restaurant?

Three hundred cherry trees in the largest orchard of its kind in the world, underplanted with 50,000 purple alliums? All this and more awaits you at the Duchess of Northumberland's amazing gardens, which is a worthy adjunct to the unique visitor experience that is neighbouring Alnwick Castle.

Pippa Middleton has started dating George Percy, who is the heir to the Duke of Northumberland, it’s been reported.

It’s thought that the pair are friends from their time at Edinburgh University but have turned their relationship up a notch after a New Year’s Eve party thrown by the Middleton family.

I'm an Architecture student in Newcastle, and before you ask me if I dig up dinosaur bones, don't ;) I wish I did, that would be far cooler! Not everyone is perfect…yet why do we always seek for that perfect partner? I think now is the time to broaden my horizons lol. Sorry but that's what I'm attracted to dont hate me!! i love a good laugh and love going to pubs and clubs, i still enjoy nights in cuddled up next to a warm fire with someone that means something special to me.

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