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She takes the classic rules of courtship and applies them to contemporary conundrums.

Women of our generation must know when to let a man’s call go straight to voicemail, know how to read (into) a man’s e-mail, be wary of cameras in the bedroom (because with the click of a button your little tryst could be broadcast around the world), and steer clear of what she delicately calls “backdoor love.” If The Rules gives the kind of advice that you mo doles out, Frances offers what you sagest girlfriends would tell you–after a few mojitos.

I thin This is a funny book about dating from a girl's perspective. How else are you going to meet true love if you don't make yourself available?

This book was very cleverly written and she had a lot of helpful advice on how to deal with different kinds of me, which she compares to birds.

If you want useful information to enhance your chances of attracting a good quality man into your life and die laughing at the way the advice is worded, then read this book!

When it comes to your love life, “winging it” is for the birds.

You watered the lawn, manicured the bushes, painted the interior, and put it up on the market.

You'd never sell it at a rock bottom prices, fearing that no one else would make and offer.

This is how we let men take minimum risks, while receiving maximum pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for a date or a mate, or just want to “get flocked,” dating expert Lauren Frances, Ph.

Double D shares her up-to-date relationship research in this comprehensive guide to modern romance.

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Yet unlike The Rules girls who are waiting by the phone, Frances’ gals are out on the town, armed with lip gloss and stilettos, flirting and dating (and mating).

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