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%headlines(article_ids='3770080' display="headlines") Stuart Ellacott, prosecuting at Bournemouth Crown Court, said Mrs Cooper had been "smitten" with Langley and quickly introduced him to her mother, Muriel.In early January - as Langley was starting another relationship with another victim, Danielle Allen - he began to borrow money from Muriel and Claire Cooper, claiming he needed to pay for a lifesaving operation for his mother.In addition, you can add an image or two of the item you wish to sell to generate even more interest from prospective buyers! So if you are a private advertiser and would like to sell any household item under £100 including pictures of the item for online use ...To view all the Articles For Sale, both free and paid for see the Dorset Exchange & Mart.It was not alleged that the spoiled food had been served or eaten by any customers.

Two of the hams had gone off on January 26, with the third passing its use-by date on February 7.

Brenda Mitchell of Bournemouth brought in this old postcard of the sands from Bournemouth Pier from the East.

There are quite a few families on the beach and paddling in the water with large rowing boats a prominent feature in the foreground.

He even proposed to one of the women and encouraged her to give up her job after telling her he would build a £4m home for them to live in together.

Langley, who has more than 20 aliases, met first victim Claire Cooper in person at the Bournemouth Pavilion on December 18 last year - four days after his release from prison.

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