Grails not updating database without a paddle dating


Nut Data' on field 'idd': rejected value [123456-1234]; codes [sps. It seems that you are saving a duplicate object with the same idd. def gotten From DB = The Object.get( ) ; //for example def updates Object = new Make New Object From JSON( request ) ; // this one contains the updates // either check property by property or just update all properties // whatever is more efficiente or if you don't care.Quick note: the source for the example project that I’ll be referencing here is available on Git Hub.If you want to follow along, the commit history builds up piece by piece along with this post. Saving some instances works, but I cannot update or delete them.What's wrong with this code or what else could be the problem?

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To generate the initial changelog, issue the following command: folder.You have to be able to migrate the schema and also any existing data.The database migration plugin allows you to keep track of the structural changes made to your database.You will need to remove any “db Create” lines from grails-app/conf/Data Source.groovy.This is done to prevent grails from attempting to make changes to the schema on its own.Grails is really easy to get started with on green-field projects because the domain model defines the database schema, so you don't have to worry about that side of things.

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