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Qualify has gamified mobile dating: the app allows users to create three qualifying questions that matches them with potential mates — if they answer correctly.

Qualify combines the compatibility aspects of dating sites like e Harmony and with the instant gratification of swiping left or right on Tinder with the entertaining aspect of trivia games to help college students find their perfect match.

Making excellent phở requires two key ingredients— fresh rice noodles (bánh phở) and a savory soup stock.

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Following the company’s acquisition of Agribrands in 2001 – the largest feed acquisition in its history – Cargill now has animal feed operations in 25 countries worldwide.Recently, we took this recipe and enhanced it for large-scale production.We didn’t stop there, refining it further to reduce fat content, but retain the distinct flavors and aromas unique to Vietnamese Phở.Now we offer the following products by an industrial complex JSC GPK "Efremovsky" (Tula region): Piglets Prestarter • Protein and energy balance • High level of milk protein • Safe in use • Natural smell and taste NASCOR - prestarter feed for chickens-broilers 0-5 days ADVANTAGES: • an optimal granule size 2 mm • contains digestible components • properly balanced composition of nutrients, vitamins and minerals • contains grain-growing enzymes and phytase BENEFITS FROM USAGE • rapid start • good feed intake • prophylactics of after precocial stress • additional increase of living mass • decline of end product net cost In the nearest plans of company is expansion of new pork and poultry products delivery from GPK "Efremovsky" (Tula region).For more detailed information call to our specialists.Whether you have questions about preparing phở at home, how to find one of our locations, or how we can accommodate your dietary needs, we are always a quick phone call or email away. The rich, vibrant broth is produced after long hours of simmering in pot of stock, flavored by our unique blend of Asian spices.

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