Updating bmw navigation


I would go to the dealer and see if the new exits are on the latest version of the DVD Nav. -Hard-Wired Escort 9500ix, Black Carbon Fiber Roundels (body & wheels), Black Kidneys, 35% Tint (sides & rear), Cont. Rotors w/ Hawk HPS pads from ACUTE, OEM MTech Front/Rear/Sides Whereas in the CCC world of i Drive navigation updates were on DVDs and you could purchase them directly form Nav Teq the current i Drive system, Ci C, is quite different.

Either the dealer must download the maps for you or you can obtain the source DVDs (not easily).

Today we're gonna cover the procedure that allows you to upgrade your navigation system's maps to the 2014-1 version.

In order to do so, you'll first need the DVD set from your local BMW dealership and an FSC code that allows you to install them.

The sophisticated BMW navigation systems are fast, easy to use and reliable.

So, in order to install the maps, first you must turn on your engine. You should also know that the entire operation will take a couple of hours (less if you're using USB drives) so make sure you have enough gas in the tank.To purchase an update for your BMW navigation system, please click on the link below.BMW Navigation Update Store Reviews from other customers using the BMW Navigation system are below. Our Privacy Policy ensures the information you provide is safe.From here on you'll just have to wait for the disc to be copied.This will take a couple of hours but you will need to come back in the mean time to introduce the next disc. These can be provided by the dealership or you can copy the contest of your DVDs on USB devices using a PC or Mac.This page will help identify whether or not one has a BMW CCC or a BMW CIC navigation unit.

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