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“How many of the speed dating guys emailed you so far? If you remember I briefly mentioned on the blog that I went speed dating a couple of weeks ago. Out of the group of 12 diverse single men, I was mutually matched up with two (they picked me and I picked them), and six other men who I did not choose provided their emails to me in case I changed my mind and decided to contact them first.

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All the other girls were on the cardio machines or in the aerobic class. All the other girls were on the cardio machines or in the aerobic class. I guess I should have titled the thread "I won't date social media fiends who jumped on the fitness fad" lol This is a bizarre thread. Granted I'm a guy who lifts a lot, and yes, it has changed me, but not in a bad way in my opinion.Some will, but I submit that that personality was already present, just suppressed due to lack of confidence.I'd happily date a woman who lifts -- preferably for her own sake (health and looks), not because someone else wants her to.“I use to be bullied”…”I had a health issue”…”I want to be a good role model”…are common reasons. Obviously this goes without saying, but in this regards, I mean in the joking way.If you’re trying to date a woman, it isn’t too cute when you jokingly say, “I bet you’re stronger than me! Most women don’t want to be stronger than their guy, I’ve gone on dates where the guy only invited me to dinners and always ordered a lot of food to share. Saying no the first couple of times was easy, but there is only so much a girl can take when facing Dragon Roll after Dragon Roll.Both Dr and Mrs Matlock compete in bodybuilding competitions where they show off their flawless physiques, and Mrs Matlock admits that her husband's obsession over fitness and beauty keeps her motivated to look her best.

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