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n the last day of her life, Audrie Pott walked through a crucible of teenage torment.

A curvaceous sophomore at Saratoga High School, dressed in the cool-girl's uniform of a low-cut top and supershort skirt, she looked the same as always, but inside she was quivering with humiliation.

In the week since school had started, girls had been giving her looks, and guys had congregated around phones, smirking. ." "u were one horny mofo." One Town's War on Gay Teens An adult monitor handed her a dress-code violation – her skirt was too short – even though all the girls in her class dressed that way and monitors rarely objected.

On Facebook, messages were pinging into her inbox, each one delivering another gut punch: "honestly like really no joke everyone knows. She cut what classes she could, blowing off chemistry for two days in a row, hoping to avoid confrontations with disapproving girlfriends.

Then Kathy Atabakhsh, one of her best friends, tore into her on the school quad, accusing her of drinking, of forgetting who she was, of becoming a different person.

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