Sarah michelle gellar dating freddie prinze jr


“And I had gone on a date with a handful of them; they would never eat what I would eat.

You have to have that in common with me if we’re going to get along.

In a Facebook Live video the two did this past Wednesday, Prinze Jr.

even mentioned how he’d gone on dates with other women in Hollywood and they would usually order a salad.

The romance between Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. The Jewish actress, who is most famous for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (and will forever be in my heart because of that), married Prinze in 2002. Apparently, it was all because of shellfish–and how she didn’t care about eating a lot in front of him.

opened up about how he fell in love with her 19 years ago.

Once they started dating though, it was only a year before they were engaged and another year before marriage.Along with Prinze’s yummy-looking recipes (that are said to be a nod to his New Mexican roots, Puerto Rican heritage, and expertise developed from travel), Gellar sells organic, clean baking kits for kids via Foodstirs.Both sound like a sure-fire way to add a little magic into the meal-planning blues — especially because is said to be”delicious and real,” making it a major win in our book!Now, they’re winning Instagram again with their sweet, sweet love.Yesterday, on Gellar and Prinze’s 13 wedding anniversary, Gellar shared the following photo on Instagram, accompanying it with a sweet quote most commonly attributed to poet Roy 1997, with Sarah playing high school beauty queen Helen and Freddie portraying Ray, who romanced Jennifer Love Hewitt's Julie.

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