Turbo lister crashes when updating 2016 dating site in germany

Never thought about doing that, but hey it couldn't hurt right.

I went off and downloaded IE6 from the microsoft site - and it did install, It didn't work, but it installed...

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On most cases, when something isn’t working, a quick update will fix it.

The easiest way to fix most issues with Turbo Lister is to NOT start clicking once it freezes!

You just have to wait few seconds and it will continue to work.

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Oh well, I don't care) The DLL files that were missing from the install: msxml4(Had to download this from a site on the net, do a google search it's all over the place) msjet40All of the above needed to be copied to .wine/drive_c/windows/system32 2 files needed to copied to .wine/drive_c/program files/Common Files/System/OLE DB/ They are: Oledb32and Oledb32after I copied those files, TL did try and start - but exited just after the inital start (the loading box, that looks likes it's opening files) So I did some check searching on google and found someone who meantioned something about coping all of the TL files from his Win machine, and getting TL to start, but exit - I tried that - copied all of the file from program files/ebay/turbo lister2 - If I use the TL icon that is on the desktop, TL still exits -- but loads, you get a quick splash of the TL window.

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