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Explore resources that will help you inspire the daughters in your life to value themselves for exactly who they are: strong, smart, and bold girls.

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One of the young men, Trent Mays, was also found guilty of sending pictures of the assault to friends.

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You see it every time you go to the bathroom during the night.

As a result, the district has money in its maintenance budget to complete a few projects that have been on hold.

The woman who was driving this minivan and her young child escaped injury Tuesday when she lost control of the vehicle on wet pavement and it slid off State Highway 17.

She will continue, albeit with a somewhat lightened workload." Prince Philip will carry out the duties scheduled for the net few months but not accept any more.

ORIGINAL: Queen Elizabeth II has called an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace with staff from all over the United Kingdom heading to London to be addressed first thing in the morning.

Girls feel most empowered when they trust the adults in their lives to lead them to discover that their potential is limitless and reinforce that their accomplishments will always be celebrated.

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