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XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema validation is implemented using the validity constraints defined in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Schema Recommendation. NET Framework supports the W3C XML Schema 2001 Recommendation. Each XML Schema is associated with a namespace URI.

The Xml Validating Reader can use the XML Schema (XSD) schema Location attribute in the data file that is bound to the XML Schema instance namespace,

The Xml Resolver property of Xml Validating Reader is used to resolve external entities (for example, DTD and schema locations).

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Validation Event Handler = delegate( object sender, Validation Event Args e ) ; Xml Reader reader = Xml Reader.

Because these schemas are cached, the reader can validate a schema without having to reload it each time.

The use of schemas cached in memory significantly improves performance.

The Xml Validating Reader class, an implementation of the Xml Reader class, provides support for XML validation.

You can use the Xml Validating Reader to validate XML documents and XML fragments.

For more information, see the Remarks section of the Xml Reader reference page.

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