Apple and the options backdating scandal of the past decade

A California judge said this week he plans to order Apple Inc.

to turn over board meeting minutes and historical records relating to the company's stock options accounting to an investor, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Rather, she said, yield on the underlying benchmark Treasury securities is higher than it was earlier this year.

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I do believe that, if Apple really is likely to roll out a phone, 2007 is the year it will happen.

At a hearing in San Jose on Monday, California Superior Court Judge Jack Komar said he would sign an order on Friday instructing the consumer electronics giant to provide the Boston Retirement Board with copies of meeting minutes of Apple's board of directors and board committees from 1997 to the present.

The retirement board is among the shareholder groups suing Apple for its historical stock options backdating practices.

However, the judge reportedly denied a request by the retirement board's executive officer to gain access to records of the company's own internal investigation into its executive backdating scandal.

Still, the reports, Apple may be able to avoid disclosing certain records if it can prove to the judge that they are covered by attorney-client or some other privilege.

With the de facto standardization of the i Pod already in place, the phone would be a hit with consumers.

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