Essay on dating in the workplace dating men profile in sweden


As unprecedented the office interactions may seem to be, there is always a small chance of getting hitched and harboring a more momentous relationship.

Workplace romances generally have nurture greater possibilities for a sustained relationship especially when hopes are high.

The organizations fund a launch pad for such instances of liasions because it offers its employees an environment that consists of a puddle of people who are on the same wavelength and spend most of the day together, sharing similar experiences and common denominators of life and living.

Of those 67 percent, 96 percent said it was okay to date co-workers, and 24 percent said it was okay for employees to date their bosses.Having said that, people are people and there are bound to be workplace romances.Companies must determine how they are going to deal with the situation when it arises.As per the American Management Association survey, of the 30 percent who had dated colleagues, more than half of those said their relationship led to marriage or a long-term relationship (Kersten, 2000) .Even though the workplace may have no firm or definite policy against office interactions or dating, it is always more logical to keep a relationship concealed.The second question will address two approaches that universities are handling these ethical issues.

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