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He wrote that OPD officers Terryl Smith, Giovanni Lo Verde and James Ta'ai also were innocent of the same allegations.

O'Brien's suicide and his note caused two internal investigations to be opened. The first was conducted by OPD homicide detectives: Several days after O'Brien's death, Guap says a homicide investigator contacted her by telephone and took her to the downtown Oakland police headquarters for questioning.

Over the past year, multiple Oakland police officers allegedly committed serious crimes, including statutory rape and assault.

But the department kept each incident secret until whistleblowers leaked information to the press.

The six-seat district, which encompasses all of Chittenden County except Colchester and Huntington, is the most populous in the state. The four incumbents — Ginny Lyons, Tim Ashe, Michael Sirotkin and Phil Baruth, who is the Senate majority leader — are widely considered to be likely winners, given that it's been well over a decade since an incumbent senator was ousted in the county.

Two senators are not seeking reelection: Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman, a candidate for lieutenant governor; and Republican Helen Riehle.

She filled the unexpired term of Republican Diane Snelling, who resigned to take a state government job. Some of the new challengers are virtual unknowns, while others possess the advantage of having already served in the Statehouse or narrowly lost in previous races.

Their campaign coffers bear stark differences: a few candidates have raised next to nothing, while one has raked in more than ,000. Louis Meyers, a soft-spoken physician who practices internal medicine at Rutland Regional Medical Center, is making his first foray into politics.

Seven of the candidates would be new to the Senate.

That's because an overwhelming 115,900 Vermonters chose home-state Sen. Trump won more than 20 percent in just 16 tiny towns — most in the rural reaches of the state.

He earned more votes than Sanders in a single municipality: the Bennington County town of Searsburg, whose 44 voters cast 15 ballots for the Trump University founder and 14 for the senator from Vermont.

"I gotta be honest: I can't name a single Trump supporter," says former governor Jim Douglas, whose name graced the Republican ballot for more than 35 years.

"I've had conversations with people who are supportive of Trump in Vermont," says David Sunderland, who chairs the state GOP.

"It was two detectives and a cop who looks like President Obama," Guap explained in an interview with the Express.

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