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Detectives suspected she was involved because of an ID mark on her skin. Postell is also accused of using state-funded food cards, despite having income from his alleged prostitution business.

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The New South Wales State Crime Command are appealing for the woman who picked her up, to come forward.

(To see the same video with links to related articles and resources, go to this link.) I hosted the discussion featuring Tim .

The panel offered their insight on several key issues, including: the lack of data available to identify how many children are being commercially exploited, a disturbing rise in demand fueled by the Internet, the potential legalization of prostitution and ways the community can take action.

22, 2014 photo, Thai and Burmese fishing boat workers sit behind bars inside a cell at the compound of a fishing company in Benjina, Indonesia.

The imprisoned men were considered slaves who might run away.

Middleberg explained that the practice of slavery extends far beyond the tiny Indonesian island exposed by Mendoza and her colleagues.

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