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Medical, dental, health and hospital services may be rendered to persons of any age without the consent of a parent or legal guardian when, in the physician's judgment an emergency exists and the person is in immediate need of medical attention and an attempt to secure consent would result in delay of treatment which would increase the risk to the person's life or health.In addition to these provisions for health care consent by 'emancipated' individuals, there are other statutory provisions for minors who are in military service or are seeking treatment for AIDS (PHL § 2781) and other sexually transmitted diseases (PHL § 2305).Here are some sections of state education law that are relevant to home educators. In applying the foregoing requirements a minor required to attend upon full time day instruction by the provisions of part one of this article may be permitted to attend for a shorter school day or for a shorter school year or for both, provided, in accordance with the regulations of the state education department, the instruction he receives has been approved by the school authorities as being substantially equivalent in amount and quality to that required by the provisions of part one of this article.Please note that this page contains only selected portions of education law. Absence from required attendance shall be permitted only for causes allowed by the general rules and practices of the public schools. Holidays and vacations shall not exceed in total amount and number those allowed by the public schools. Section 3211: Records of attendance upon instruction 1. The teacher of every minor required by the provisions of part one of this article to attend upon instruction, or any other school district employee as may be designated by the commissioner of education under section three thousand twenty-four of this chapter, shall keep an accurate record of the attendance and absence of such minor.A minor, in New York State, is defined as a person who is under eighteen (18) years of age.This is defined by the General Obligations Law § 1-202, Domestic Relations Law § 2 and Public Health Law § 2504.The issue of providing care and/or the patient's right to refuse care becomes a complex circumstance EMS providers must address.

Some states base the penalty for violations on the age of the offender, with older offenders receiving harsher penalties.10 to 25 years in prison with a mandatory minimum of five years if the victim is between age 10 and 16 and 10 years if the victim is under age 10.The combined sentence and special parole must equal at least 10 years(1) Fixed term of 10 years with up to 10 years added or four subtracted for aggravating and mitigating circumstances or (2) if the offender actor is at least age 21, a fixed term of 30 years, with up to 20 years added or 10 subtracted.This is a strict liability crime and there is no need for the prosecutor to demonstrate any forcible compulsion on the part of the elder person.A conviction for this charge - sometimes referred to as "statutory rape" - carries serious potential jail sentences and mandatory registration as a sex offender.Thus, instead of including force as a criminal element, theses crimes make it illegal for anyone to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone below a certain age, other than his spouse.

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