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I just notice that both Singles and have been closed. In 2008 Singles Net was one of the most popular dating services.

In February 2010 acquired Singles Net for an undisclosed sum. didn't change much when they purchased the dating site and it suffered for it.

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Including ourselves, we have yet to find one person that speaks highly of Singles If you have ever signed up for Singles, you know how difficult it is to score a date. So if you’re above 21 years of age, it’s slim pickings on this site.

We knew we’d really have to work extra hard to meet women. Only 15 women were kind enough to respond to our emails.

And not one of them was interested in going out on a date. Unless you think you have the game to compete for shallow women, Singles isn’t the place for you.

This includes black online dating, senior online dating, Asian online dating as well as dating for Christians and the Jewish community.

The site was formerly known as Family Friends, Inc. The company is based out of Dallas, Texas and prides themselves on bringing singles together with free online dating services.

The quality of profiles is average, with typical questions being asked of members.

But there’s more wrong with Singles than the male to female ratio… If we failed to meet women because of something we did, we’ll own up to it. Like we said, 1 in 5 relationships do begin online, but Singles plays no role in that.

But in all honesty, there wasn’t anything we could do to get dates on Singles We actually worked harder to meet women on Singles than most other sites because we had read a lot of bad things about the site.

Last summer Singles Net was relaunched as and it didn't fair any better since as of March 21, 2014 both were closed permanently.

On a related note I also notice that Friend Finder Networks also closed Indian Friend Finder sometime in the last few months.

When a person registers for the site, they will be able to search through hundreds of thousands of profiles.

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