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It’s typical for him to call a woman the first day he meets her and send endless text messages. But the way they do it in different countries is very, very different. Dating Difference: Korean men tend to be pretty forward when they like someone.The Carringtons also began talking to their children about dating when they were 14 years old."With the way things are moving at a faster pace in society these days, the media and society is making an impression on dating and marriage at a much younger age. With this in mind, I would say that 13 is a good time to begin having discussions around these topics," he told The Christian Post in an email.Your friends think this is weird until they start dating Python too.Ruby: Your older sister is the most popular cheerleader in school, but she's kind of a slut.

Since most Koreans are well into their university years when they start dating, there are love hotels where they can go to get some privacy, reports the blog Eat Your

In the interview below, edited for clarity and brevity, Carrington shares how parents can best model marriage to their children and explains what traits young adults should look for in a godly spouse.

Christian Post: How did you prepare your children for dating and marriage?

Right in one of these five countries with distinctive dating practices.

Biggest Shocker: The ways things work in courtship and the actual relationship are almost polar opposite.

The Rock Church's Marriage and Parenting Pastor Darren Carrington says parents need to teach their children from an early age about dating and marriage so they can spot "counterfeit" Christians who attend church but show no spiritual growth.

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