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Earlier the American star had performed at the Clash Magazine 50th edition party at the Monarch in Camden with her band Hole.Courtney, who has is mother to Frances Bean, 17, from her marriage to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, is on tour to promote her band's new album, Nobody's Daughter.Noel Fielding and Steve Coogan made an unlikely pulling team until well into the early hours today.

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Or, as Phill Jupitus, his former colleague on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, put it: “A gothic George Best.”The Los Angeles show had been attended by Robin Williams and John Paul Jones, of Led Zeppelin, along with fans dressed up as Boosh characters, including Fielding’s Old Gregg, a hermaphroditic merman with a thing for Baileys Irish Cream.

Courtney, 45, swapped her usual grungy attire for a Park Avenue princess look complete with Hermes bag, crombie-style camela jacket and oversized sunglasses.

Noel, 36, looked typically quirky in a poncho, gold shoes and peroxide blonde hair.

Noel Fielding isn’t sure when the whole celebrity rock’n’roll comedian thing got out of hand.

It may have been the time he was in a hotel room with Courtney Love and a few others and Pete Doherty burst in, placed a top hat full of kittens on the floor and ran out.

They've always insisted they're just friends, but Noel Fielding and Courtney Love certainly looked cosy as they left a London club last night.

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