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"I'll never forget what we had together," Dube said on a conference call. "The really cool thing is that two athletes are excited about not necessarily being athletes anymore and wanting to go back to school and moving on with things.That's a hard thing for an athlete to do." Dube, 23, skated singles this season after the 25-year-old Davison —her partner for nine years —had surgery on Oct.

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Leur passage au niveau senior s'est fait sans grande difficulté, malgré les blessures qui ont affecté Dubé.Anabelle Langlois is out of the mix, via retirement, leaving Cody Hay on speed-dial in his partner search.Craig Buntin — previously joined with Meagan Duhamel after earlier parting company with Valerie Marcoux — has likewise departed the scene. But no great hardship there since the 24-year-old had pretty much decided to hang ’em up at the conclusion of last season, after failing to qualify for the Games, the second slot behind national champions Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison going to Langlois and Hay.They placed 10th at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and 7th at the World Championships that same season.In the summer of 2006, Dubé suffered an injury in practice and was removed from the ice on a backboard; she had knee surgery in September.However I learned that, along with the fact that there are countless "How I got fired from my cruise ship job" pieces out there, cruise ships are hives of personal and corporate politics - exploitative, back-stabbing, treacherous laws unto themselves sans accountability, and everyone is constantly under video surveillance. You could get fired for breaking a rule or because somebody in better with your supervisor didn't like you. There are a million reasons you could get fired, including any reason and no reason.

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