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These will continue to operate separately from the company’s new media network, which will henceforth be called How About We Media.

The idea is to offer singles a place to go after they’ve found a relationship, and then go above and beyond the IAC-backed online dating competition with new sex-centric content. Com, which is responsible for headlines like The 6 Weirdest Types Of Things That Get Said During Sex and What It’s Like For Disabled People To Have Sex, will undergo a redesign and relaunch as part of the deal.

It’s clear that much of the early blush (read: stigma) around using online platforms to meet new people and pursue relationships has worn off.

The Date Report has been around for a while as part of How About We, and will also get a fresh redesign as part of the deal.

( (Nasdaq: SALN), one of the Internet’s leading media companies, and ( the publisher of exceptional writing and photography about sex, gender and culture, today launched Salon/Nerve Personals, the definitive space for online flirting.

The Salon/Nerve Personals (found at either promise to attract a young, hip and urban demographic and will allow users to meet online in real time.

Ten years from now, it will be taken for granted that you can find a great date online.

Both Salon and Nerve can help accelerate this process.” About Salon: Founded in 1995, is a leading Internet media company that produces 10 award-winning, original content sites; maintains Salon Shop, an e-commerce gateway; and hosts two communities — Table Talk and The WELL.

Last year, Nick Paumgarten wrote an interesting article for The New Yorker that detailed the rise of online dating and the effects it’s had on web culture.

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